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Your safety is our top priority! Here are some simple rules to protect your guests (and our bouncers)
Adult Supervision This is the most important rule of all. All of our inflatable bounce houses and slides require a responsible adult to keep watch over the kiddos.
Kids of Like Sizes – It's important not to let 3 year old Suzy bounce with Billy and 5 of his 10 year old of friends. It has been our experience that 10 year old boys are not the most careful of animals; little Suzy might not be safe.
No Tackle Football in the Bouncers – Rough play like tackling each other or doing flips can lead to knocked noggins or worse. Encourage bouncers to keep some space between each other and try to keep dad from showing everyone how he can still do a backflip (if he is like me, he will come up a little short) no flips in the bouncers please.
No Food and Messy Stuff in the Bouncers - Sno-Kones and Cotton Candy are great party fun, but cleaning them out of an inflatable jump and slide is no fun for anyone. Please make sure the kids don’t take food, drinks, sharp items or confetti into the units.
Silly String is Evil– The chemicals in Silly String will ruin the vinyl in our inflatable bouncers; the damage is not repairable. Please don’t plan to have silly string at your party if you are renting an inflatable. Our least expensive units cost $2500 new and some of our bigger inflatables cost over $10000. If silly string ruins one of our inflatable jumps and/or slides, the renter will be responsible for the full cost of replacement.
One at a time on Slides - It is important to make sure only one kiddo slides at a time and that they are clear of the landing area before the next slider goes. Some of our water slides have pools at the bottom; kids need to clear the pool before the next slider goes. The Supervising Adult needs to pay particular attention to our water slides with pools.
The Blower should not be turned off- If the bounce and slide begins to deflate, remove everyone immediately. Check to see if the blower is on and receiving power. The blowers require a 20 amp circuit by themselves; unplug all other items on this circuit. If the inflatable bouncer has power and will not stay inflated make sure all deflation zippers and tubes are closed. If this doesn’t fix the problem, call us right away.
Please do not let kids climb on the outside or on the netting of our inflatables - This can cause falls onto the ground and the netting can hurt little fingers.
Adult Supervision - It's certainly worth repeating; make sure there is adult supervision at all times.

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